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Get a handle on how you personally deal with dispute......


Dispute Resolution

Auckland Mediator

William Hursthouse


When the other side simply wont listen to reason;

When someone just can't hear what you are saying;

When communications have broken down;

When relationships have soured;

All is not lost

A mediator may be able to help you resolve your dispute!


Workplace Woes:

Do you have individuals of different ages in your workplace?

Recent research has highlighted a number of important differences in the way the various generations think, interact, and respond to conflict. The commonly designated groups are: Veterans, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y. As an example, there are significant differences between the last two groups. "Gen Y" individuals were born after 1980 and are therefore only now starting to enter the workforce in large numbers. Read more here.

Below is a short video on conflict, how we learn to handle it, and how we might do it better: